Is Joomla pre-installed?

Every account comes with one free installation of the latest Joomla version.
Additional Joomla sites can be easily installed using the Softaculous auto-installer in CPanel.

Installing Joomla manually is also easy and there are instructions here.

Optionally, you can pay a one time fee per install for additional installation services.
Contact me if you want to purchase this service. The install service can be on my servers ($25.00 CAD ) or on servers at other hosts ($35.00 CAD) providing they meet
the requirements . [top]

Which web hosting control panel do you use?

We use CPanel the most widely used control panel for web hosting clients.
CPanel is where you can:

  • manage email accounts
  • manage ftp accounts
  • backup your site
  • view site traffic statistics
  • Install over 30 open source applications (including Joomla) using the auto-installer
  • password protect folders
  • too many features to list all here

click here for CPanel manual
Tutorial videos are available within CPanel.
If you have any questions about using your control panel please don't hesitate to email us.

What is the most important thing I should know about Joomla?

In our opinion, the most important thing to know is how to backup your Joomla site files and database. This can be done from the "Backup" icon in your control panel. It's especially important for sites with user signup and contributions, forums, etc. While we perform regular server backups, we do not have an up to the hour snapshot of your site.

When installing new extensions it's always smart to make a backup of site files and database first in case something goes wrong. Backup again after making any changes to your site.
You can't backup too much!

Download the "Home Directory Backup" and the "Database" backup from CPanel. These backups can be restored by you. There is also a "Full Site Backup" which contains both site files and databases, but this can only be restored by us. If you have any trouble downloading backups or restoring them contact us.

We highly recommend using the backup feature of your CPanel, but there are also backup extensions for Joomla such as JoomlaPack (now called Akeeba Backup) .

The backups can be automated using a script and the cron feature in your control panel - contact us if you need help with that. Full Site Backups can be stored in your home directory (if you have enough space available) or sent by FTP to your own computer or a third party backup hosting service. [top]

Is there a manual for Joomla?

Joomla Documentation

There is also a Help feature in the Joomla Administrator.

Watch Flash tutorials at and

There are books available to help you learn Joomla. [top]

How is content organized?

For Joomla 1.5.x
Sections >> Categories >> Articles
Articles can also be Uncategorized in which case they are not assigned to a Section or Category.

Joomla 1.6 onwards does not have Sections, just nested Categories which is more flexible. [top]

Permissions for Folders and Files

We use suPHP (similar to phpsuexec) which means that folders and files with permission 755 will be writable by Joomla. Using permission 777 may cause errors.

{slider Which Server and OS do you use?}
We use the Apache web server running on a Linux based operating system (CentOS Linux distribution). [top]

Unlimited Domains? How does that work?

You can add domains to your account using your CPanel.
These domains are called Add-on domains.

When you create an Add-on domain a folder is created under the web root of your main domain. This folder becomes the web root of the Add-on domain. (the folder will not appear in browser address bar)

Your main domain and Add-on domains share the same CPanel with one CPanel login.
Add-on domains have their own email accounts, ftp accounts, statistics, and can be targeted for Joomla installs by the Fantastico auto-installer.

The number of Add-ons domains that you can add to your account will depend on how much disk space and bandwidth they use.

For an Add-on domain to work the domain name must be registered and DNS pointed to our name servers. Use the same DNS that your main account domain does. It can take up to 48 hrs from the time you make the DNS change for the domain to connect. [top]

Can I host other types of sites besides Joomla?

Sure. This hosting is great for regular HTML sites and just about any PHP / MYSQL web application. [top]

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