computer-keyboardEver instinctively pressed Ctrl+S while writing an Article in Joomla?

Well now you can set Custom Joomla Key Commends using the Art Admin Shortcuts module by
( mod_artadminshortcuts )

One of the most popular uses for this module is to create a key command for the Apply button in Article edit.


In Art Admin Shortcuts module settings:

  1. Select type Javascript function
  2. Set Enabled to Yes
  3. Enter the Keyboard Shortcut eg: Shift+s (Some key commands will conflict with the browser and can't be used) (can be two or three keys)
  4. Enter the Javascript function call

The Javascript function call for the Save button is:

javascript: submitbutton('save')

The Javascript function call for the Apply button is:

javascript: submitbutton('apply')


Note: the cursor must be out of the text area before hitting the key command.



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