softaculous iconScenario:

Joomla was installed using Softaculous and later updated using the Joomla Extension Manager (Joomla Quick Update).

Later you receive a message from CPanel that Softaculous has an update for Joomla, but Joomla has already been updated.

This is beacuse Softaculous is not aware that Joomla was updated.

To manually set the version in Softaculous to match your current Joomla version edit the file at:


! Make a backup of this file before editing in case there is a problem after.

The version number will be after "ver".

Edit the version number to reflect the current Joomla version. (setting higher does not work)

If you have serveral installs be careful to select the proper line. Use the file path as a reference which is shown after "softpath".

Another way to avoid getting the update notices is to use Softaculous to do the updates.

! Backup your site files and database before updating. This can be done using the CPanel Backups feature or "Backups and Restore" section of Softaculous.

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