Please Note: cpbackup-exclude.conf is a new feature and may still have bugs.

Sometimes there may be large files that don't change, and don't need to be
backed up as often as the rest of the files, like a folder of videos for instance.

Omitting folders from Full Site Backups is a new feature in cPanel version 11.24.1

This applies only to the "Full Site Backup" in cPanel and not the "Home Directory Backup".

To use this feature, edit the file cpbackup-exclude.conf in your home directory.

Editing cpbackup-exclude.conf
Each directory to exclude should be on a new line.
Path should not have a trailing slash.

on a shared server use

on a dedicated server use

!! Be careful
with this feature because it could be a liability as much as a benefit
if you are not aware of (or forget about) the files that will be omitted by
using cpbackup-exclude.conf
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