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If JCE Text Editor strips iFrames  ...


Previously the Joomla core files updates were in the Update section of the Extensions Manager.

Now as of version 2.5.4 it appears in the Components menu as "Joomla! Update".

The Update Manager in the Extensions Manager will still be used for updating Third Party Extensions not part of the core files.

If the "Joomla! Update" Component does not appear follow the steps below.

clock iconIn Global Configuration the server time offset can be set.

Sometimes the date and time are inconsistent between extensions when set to "Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC)".

pencilThe text area in Joomla Article Edit can be made larger by dragging the bottom right corner, but it can also be set to open at a specific size.

magnifying-glassThe old Joomla Article Preview Button is gone now ...

magnifying-glass-iconIf you don't have access to the admin the Joomla 2.5 version can be found in the filesystem.

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