menu-front.jpgRemoving an unwanted menu item is done by unpublishing the menu item.

1. In the Joomla Administrator select the menu that contains the menu item that will be removed.

2. Clicking the green checkmark in the Published column will unpublish the menu item.
The check mark will become a red X.

Multiple menu items may be unpublished in one step by checking the menu items and clicking the Unpublish button in the top toolbar.

Additional info:

  • Joomla uses the Publish / Unpublish terminolgy in some places and Enable / Disable in other places, but they mean the same thing.
  • To remove an entire menu go to the Menu Manager, select type mod_menu from the "Select Type" dropdown menu. This will show only the menus.
    Click the green checkbox beside a menu module or checkbox menu modules(s) and click the Disable button.

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