Joomla forces the Title Alias to be lowercase.

The Title Alias is used in Joomla SEF URL.


Some reasons to allow uppercase in SEF URL:

  1. conform to an incoming url that has uppercase characters in it.
  2. using uppercase is better for SEO some say.


This is a core edit that could be overwritten on the next Joomla update.

Backup first.


The file to edit is:



Around line 94 change this :

$str = trim(strtolower($str));

return $str;


to this:

$str = trim($str);

return $str;


Perhaps a better way to handle this would be to force all incoming urls to be lowercase using htaccess (along with RewriteMap or possibly mod_speling), but on a shared server this may not be possible.

Around line 94
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