lock.pngSecure Socket Layer (SSL) can be used for the entire Joomla site or parts of a Joomla site such as a shopping cart or user login.

Joomla can flip in and out of SSL mode.

Once it receives a command to go into SSL it will stay that way until getting a command to go back to http.

  • The site can be set to be SSL all the time using "Force SSL" in Global Configuration.
  • Switching to and from SSL mode is triggered by a menu item setting.
  • The front end user Login module can be set to post to https instead of http.

There's a Joomla Plugin called SSL Redirect plugin by Yireo software that might simplify the setup if some parts of the site are SSL and some not.

Use SSL all the time from the moment the visitor reaches the site - Joomla Force SSL.
Site > Global Configuration [Server]


By default "Force SSL" is set to "none", but can be set to "Entire Site" or "Administrator Only".


Setting Default Menu Item to use SSL (makes whole site https if no other menu items are set to Off)
Menus -> Menu name with * -> Default Menu Item [ Parameters ]menu-enable-ssl.jpg

This can be set for each menu item to allow switching in and out of SSL mode.


Off: the menu item will switch Joomla out of SSL mode.

Ignore: the menu item will have no affect and maintain the current state whether it be https or http.

On: the menu item will switch Joomla into SSL mode.


Setting User Login to use SSL
Extensions -> Module Manager -> Login [ Parameters ]


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