If Joomla was installed using Fantastico then it can also be uninstalled using Fantastico.

!! Make a full backup of your Joomla files and database using the cPanel backup utility first in case you want to re-install your site later.

The uninstall process will remove the Joomla files and the Joomla database.

  1. Click the Fantastico icon in your cPanel.
    It looks like this. fantastico_de_luxe.png
  2. Click the appropriate version of Joomla listed in the left column of the Fantastico home page. (Joomla 1.5 or Joomla)
  3. You should see the current Joomla installations listed. To the right of each installation there should be a "remove" link.
  4. Clicking the remove link will start the removal process. There is no undo.
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