Basic tutorial for installing a Joomla Template.

1. In Joomla Administrator go to Extensions > Install/Uninstallinstall-template-1.jpg

2. Upload the Joomla Template package file (compressed file)

3. If upload is successful you will see "Install Template Success".install-template-3.jpg


4. Template is now installed, but still needs to be assigned as the "default" template.

Go to Extensions > Template Manager

The current default template will have a yellow star to the right of the template name. 

Check the box to left of the new template and click the "Default" button at top.

The new template should now have the star.

The template should now be active on the front end of the site.


It is possible to have multiple templates and assign them to different parts of a site, but that's for advanced users and beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Joomla Template Upload Trouble Shooting

  • Some templates contain extras such as custom modules in addition to the compressed Joomla Template install file.
    The compressed file may need to be opened (uncompressed) on your desktop in order to find the Joomla Template file inside.
  • Joomla 1.0 templates will not work on Joomla 1.5 unless the Legacy Plugin is enabled. Even with the Legacy Plugin enabled some Joomla 1.0 Templates will not install. However, they can be converted by a developer to make them install.
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