Joomla SEO - Remove or Edit Welcome to the FrontpageThe default Joomla install has the Frontpage component linked to the Home Menu Item.
In the Parameters for the Home Menu Item the Page Title is customized to "Welcome to the Frontpage".
This should be removed or customized to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  1. In Joomla Administrator go to Menus > Main Menu
  2. Click the Home Menu Item
  3. In Menu Item : [Edit] click on Parameters (System)
  4. Enter custom text in the Page Title field
  5. The Show Page Title option determines if the Page Title will also be shown in the main body at the top of the content.
(Note: This can be done for all menu items, not only ones linking to the Frontpage component.) parameters-page-title.jpg

If the Page Title field is left empty the Site Name will be shown at the top of the browser instead.

The Site Name is entered in Site > Global Configuration.
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