gear-checklist.pngThe Email Cloaking Plugin is a good feature to prevent email addresses from being harvested by spammers, but sometimes it causes problems.

It is used on the Contact page if an email address is displayed, but also kicks in when email addresses are found in Articles.

This is not so good for the old style unencrypted Paypal button code because it will send the Paypal email address to Paypal scrambled and the button will not work.

Solution: disable the Email Cloaking Plugin by putting this in the Article content.

{[emailcloak=off]} (remove square brackets [] , keep curly brackets {} )

It doesn't seem to matter where it goes, but I usually put it at the end.

Other options are:

  1. Disable the Email Cloaking Plugin off in the Plugin Manager - but be forwarned that it is now disabled for the entire site including the Contact component.
  2. Use the newer "hosted" Paypal buttons that have to be made on the Paypal site. They are more secure, but possibly less flexible.
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