html.pngOut of the box Joomla will strip some HTML tags from content when saving.

This is done for security to prevent the insertion of tags that could be used to compromise the site.

This security measure is important when allowing content submission from front end users, however it can prevent the creation of content in the back end that requires these tags.

1. The TinyMCE editor is used by default in Joomla 1.5. It can be found in the Plugin Manager.
If you are using a different editor (eg: JCE) it may have similar settings in it's parameters.

Note: To insert iframes in Joomla Articles using the JCE text editor you will need the JCE iFrame Plugin (otherwise the iframe tag will be stripped for security).


2. Select type editors to make it easier to find the TinyMCE Plugin

3. Click the TinyMCE Plugin.
4. In the TinyMCE Plugin Parameters use these settings:
  • Code Cleanup on Startup is off by default.
  • Code cleanup on save set to "Front Only"
  • Optionally set Code cleanup on save to "Never" to disable code cleanup for both front and back end.

5. Save.
Now HTML tags should stay in Articles and not be stripped out.

Additional Information

There is another area that controls the filtering of HTML in the Article Manager Parameters.
This is separate and in addition to the editor Plugins.
The Filter type tip image below explains how it works.

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tip-filtering-options.jpg tip-filter-groups.jpg
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