Joomla 1.7 iFrame in ArticleThe simplest and most secure way to add an iframe in Joomla 1.7 is to use the Wrapper Module.

  1. In the Module Manager click New button in toolbar and select Wrapper.
  2. In the Position field type a new unique position name. We'll call it yourposition for the purpose of this tutorial.
  3. In Basic Options enter the URL to be loaded in the iFrame (and configure the rest of the Basic Options as preferred, Save Module.).
  4. In the Article, enter "loadposition yourposition" at the place where the iFrame should appear. This should be entered in text view, not HTML view and enclosed in curly brackets {}.



  • Some sites do not allow their pages to be included in iFrames.
  • Make sure the Wrapper Module is enabled in the Module Manager and assigned to display on all pages or at least the page(s) required.
  • Make sure the "Content - Load Modules" plugin is enabled in the Plugin Manager.
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