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lockJoomla 3 front end user registration is allowed by default.

A lot of Joomla sites don't use this feature and it should be disabled if not required.

This tutorial will show you how to entirely disable the possiblility of someone (or a bot) from registering on your site (you can still add users manually in the back end).

 Having index.php in the Search Engine Friendly URLs  is usually not wanted. This tutorial shows how to remove the index.php part for nicer looking SEF links.


If the Joomla Quick Update Icons are missing from the Control Panel go to the Extensions Manager and click Discover.

joomla-3-preview-link.jpgThe Joomla 3 Site Preview Link is at the top right of the Administrator.

If code is being stripped in Joomla 2.5 there are two places to check:

1. Global Configuration -> Text Filters

Set to "No Filtering" for Super Users (or whichever group you want to allow)

2. In the text editor plugin settings make sure code is not being cleaned.

For example the default TinyMCE plugin has a list of "Prohibited Elements" (script,applet).


The default Joomla 2.5 Home Menu Item says "Welcome to the Frontpage".

This should be removed or customized.

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