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While a Joomla website is offline it might be nice to customize the default offline page to include a company logo and custom message.



template_iconThere's a couple ways to reference the Joomla template positions by viewing them superimposed on the template design.
It's handy to view the Joomla template positions while setting up your site and assigning modules to the positions.

disk-space-ico.pngA Joomla 1.5 installation uses (as of March 2010) approximately 27 Megabytes (MB).




Joomla uses a specific folder for images used in Articles and other content items.

template_icon.pngJoomla 1.5 Templates can in theory be converted to Joomla 1.0 Templates.

Is it wise? 

icon-48-user.pngDefine the user permission level upon registration in the Global Configuration.


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